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Precautions for handling and storage of stainless steel pipes on construction sites

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After the stainless steel pipes are packaged and bundled, they should be stored in a dry and clean environment without corrosive gases to avoid cluttered stacking with other items.

Because the surface of stainless steel is relatively smooth and bright, and it is a metal product, it should be handled with care during storage or transportation, arranged neatly, and cannot be bumped by sharp objects. In the process of handling, there should be no throwing, falling, dragging, pressing, etc., and contact with corrosive media or pollutants should be avoided during construction.

Stainless steel pipes are all thin-walled. During construction, rude construction should be avoided, and no stepping on them may cause damage to the stainless steel pipes.

Protective measures should be taken at the storage site of stainless steel pipes to avoid contact with soil, gravel, iron, etc., to avoid rusting.

If the stainless steel pipe is stained with oil, please wipe it off as soon as possible. Especially the pipe end and the inside of the U-shaped rubber sealing ring of the pipe fittings.

When the stainless steel pipe fittings are transported, they should be neatly arranged layer by layer according to the classification and box and fixed firmly, and there should be a cover to avoid rain and other pollution.


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