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Preparations before connection of plastic-coated steel pipes

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The plastic coated steel pipe is composed of the core pipe rent-reducing layer, the fastening steel belt, the air layer, the heat insulation layer, the reflective layer, the sliding bracket, the outer protective steel pipe, the sprayed polyurethane, and the surrounding entangled glass fiber reinforced plastic.

1. The plastic-lined pipe should use a special reamer to chamfer 1/2 the thickness of the plastic-lined layer, and the slope of the chamfer should be 10°-15°.

2. The metal burrs should be polished with a fine file at the pipe port after cutting;

3. If the plastic-coated steel coating is intact at the port, it should be cut into a chamfer with a sharpener; if the port is damaged, it must be repaired until the coating is as a whole without cracks;

4. Cleaning and processing should use cotton yarn and brush to remove oil, water, and metal cutting at the end of the pipe and inside the pipe.

5. After grooving, the plastic-coated layer on the convex part of the groove will be damaged and must be repaired until the surface of the coating is smooth and there are no cracks or damaged points as a whole;


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