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Pretreatment and use of straight seam steel pipe

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Pretreatment of straight seam steel pipe:

The non-destructive testing inside the weld is because the pipeline is an extra-large steel pipe in the water supply project, especially the steel pipe with a thickness of t=30mm is used as a pipe bridge. bending moment, so the requirements for welding are particularly high. For large-diameter steel pipes with a thickness of t=30mm used for pipe bridges, the longitudinal seams, and circumferential seams belong to a class of welds, and 100% X-ray inspection and 100% wave inspection are required; while for the thickness t= 24mm buried steel pipe, the longitudinal seam belongs to a class of welding, 20% of the X-ray inspection and 50% of the wave inspection.

Application of straight seam welded pipe:

There are many types of straight seam welded pipes, according to their uses: generally welded pipes, oxygen is blown welded pipes, galvanized welded pipes, wire casings, idler pipes, metric welded pipes, automobile pipes, deep well pump pipes, transformer pipes, electric welding special-shaped pipes, electric welding thin-walled pipes.

1. General welded pipe: General welded pipe is used to transport low-pressure fluid. Made of Q235A, L245, and Q235B steel.

2. Galvanized steel pipe: It is to coat the surface of the black pipe with a zinc layer. Divided into hot and cold. The hot zinc layer is thick, and the coldness is cheap.

3. Oxygen blowing welded pipe: generally small-diameter welded steel pipe, commonly used for oxygen blowing in steelmaking.

4. Wire casing: It is a pipe for power distribution structure, which is an ordinary electric welded carbon steel pipe.

5. Electric welding thin-walled tube: It is a small diameter tube used for furniture and lamps.

6. Idler tube: The electric welded steel tube above the belt conveyor has the required ovality.

7. Transformer tube: It is an ordinary carbon steel tube. Used in the manufacture of transformer heat pipes and other heat exchangers.