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Processing technology of straight seam steel pipe

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1. Forging steel: a pressure processing method that uses the reciprocating impact force of the forging hammer or the pressure of the press to change the blank into the shape and size we need.

2. Extrusion: It is a processing method in which the steel is placed in a closed extrusion tube, and pressure is applied at one end to extrude the metal from the specified die-hole to obtain a finished product with the same shape and size. It is mostly used for the production of non-ferrous metals. material steel.

3. Rolling: a pressure processing method in which the steel metal billet is passed through the gap (various shapes) of a pair of rotating rolls, and the material section is reduced and the length is increased due to the compression of the rolls.

4. Drawing steel: It is a processing method in which the rolled metal billets (forms, pipes, products, etc.) are drawn through the die-holes to reduce the cross-section and increase the length. Most of them are used for cold working.


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