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Procurement method of straight seam steel pipe

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1. The purchase of straight seam steel pipe needs to know the type of steel pipe
1) By type: straight seam steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, spiral steel pipe, etc.
2) Section shape classification of straight seam steel pipe classification: square pipe, rectangular pipe, oval pipe, flat oval pipe, semicircular pipe, etc.

2. Attention should be paid to the purchase of straight seam steel pipes:
1) The wall thickness of the steel pipe is not enough to use the gate method. If the mouth end of the steel pipe is shielded with a hammer, it looks thicker, but it will be revealed when measured with an instrument.
2) Use a straight seam as a seamless steel pipe. There are fewer straight seams and only one longitudinal seam. The whole steel pipe is polished by a machine, commonly known as polishing, and it looks like there is no gap to act as a seamless pipe. 3) Now there is a more clever method is seamless steel pipe, seamless steel pipe is thermal expansion steel pipe. After the expansion, there is lead powder inside, and there are traces of burning on the outside, and the weld seam cannot be seen. Many relatively large steel pipes are sold as seamless steel pipes to seek large profits.
4) Girth weld straight seam steel pipe uses polishing to act as a proxy for straight seam steel pipe.


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