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Product Characteristics of Internal And External Plastic-coated Steel Pipes And Transportation Requirements for Hot-dip Plastic Steel Pipes

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The inner and outer walls of the plastic-coated steel pipe are coated with epoxy resin. The surface is smooth, the fluid resistance is reduced, the flow rate is increased, no scale is formed, and microorganisms generally do not grow. Through the plastic coating treatment of fire water supply (gas) pipelines such as water transportation, buried pipes, acid, alkali, and salt corrosion, the service life of fire water supply (gas) pipelines has been greatly improved. The service life can reach more than 50 years. The pressure range of fire pipes is 0-2.5mp. Fire-fighting plastic-coated steel pipes are based on steel pipes. The exterior wall uses thermosetting powder coating, which has high adhesion, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and weather resistance. The inner wall is made of thermoplastic powder coating with high adhesion, corrosion resistance, and food-grade hygiene. The internal and external plastic-coated composite steel pipes for water supply are manufactured using sandblasting chemical double pretreatment, preheating, internal and external plastic coating, curing, and post-processing. It is a cost-effective product upgraded from traditional steel-plastic pipes and galvanized pipes. The product has passed the national solid fire extinguishing system professional certification and the fire-resistant component quality inspection center.

By applying plastic coating and anti-corrosion to steel pipes or galvanized pipes, the problems of corrosion and scaling during the burial and transportation of ordinary steel pipes are solved. It eliminates pipe blockage and spray blockage, and improves the service life of the pipe, and the service life of the plastic-coated steel pipe is more than 50 years. Flame retardants are added to the powder coating of plastic-coated steel pipes and modified with epoxy resin powder. The coating has excellent temperature resistance and will not burn or soften after long-term use.

Product features of internal and external plastic-coated steel pipes:
1. Hygienic, non-toxic, no pollution, no microorganisms, guaranteed fluid quality
2. Resistant to chemical corrosion, soil, and marine biological corrosion, and cathodic stripping
3. The installation process is mature, convenient, and fast, similar to ordinary galvanized pipe connections
4. Extremely flame retardant, non-flammable at 300℃
5. The pipe wall is smooth, which improves transportation efficiency and has a long service life.

Technical Parameters:
Coating material: modified heavy-duty anti-corrosion epoxy resin
General Color: red
Coating thickness: 250um-550um
Coating method: spraying inside and outside
Product specifications: dn15-dn1200
Ambient temperature: -30℃-80℃ (peak value: 760℃);
Regular pressure: 0.1mpa-2.5mpa

Hot-dip plastic steel pipes must not be violently thrown or hit during transportation. Use nylon straps for lifting when loading and unloading. Hot-dip plastic steel pipes should be stacked indoors or in a cool place. When stored in the open air, it should be covered with a canopy and kept away from heat sources and fire. Do not stack them outdoors in direct sunlight or severe cold for a long time. Do not mix with toxic and harmful substances.

Notes on hot-dip plastic steel pipes: Pipes that carry hot water can carry cold water, but pipes that carry cold water cannot carry hot water. The cross-section of plastic-coated composite pipes shall not be in contact with water, non-plastic lined pipe fittings shall not be used in place of plastic-lined pipe fittings, plastic-coated pipe fittings in malleable iron pipe fittings shall not be used, injection joints shall be provided in raised threaded steel flanges, and special transition pieces shall be The threaded connection of the valve port uses special transition pieces, the connection with the water supply bolt uses special rubber sealing rings, and the grooved connection uses special rubber sealing rings.


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