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Production Characteristics of Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe

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The production characteristics of stainless steel welded pipes The continuous roll forming into stainless steel welded pipes below φ219mm is similar to the high-frequency straight seam welded pipes above φ219mm using pressure forming (UOE) or spiral welding (see spiral welded pipes). The capillary is produced by the post-weld drawing method of φ4.76mm. Welding methods includes high-frequency welding, tungsten electrode inert gas shielded welding (TIG or argon arc welding), laser welding, electron beam welding, and so on. High-frequency welding cannot guarantee the welding quality of the weld seam, but the welding speed is relatively high, which is suitable for the production of general structural and decorative stainless steel welded pipes. The vast majority of stainless steel welded pipe production uses argon arc welding or a combination of argon arc welding and plasma welding. Stainless steel welded pipes for decoration requires surface grinding and polishing. Stainless steel welded pipes for chemical machinery and boiler heat exchangers are required to have smooth internal welding thorns. The welded seam structure is a solid solution treated and needs to be equipped with weld quality monitoring and non-destructive testing systems.
(1) Plasticity
(2) Deformation resistance
(3) Widespread
(4) Sensitivity to stress
(5) Thermal conductivity
(6) Antioxidant
(7) Adhesion tendency


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