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Questions about the surface treatment of steel pipes

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The surface treatment of steel pipes often includes: carburizing-improving hardness and wear resistance, nitriding-improving wear resistance/corrosion/heat resistance, shot peening treatment-hardening treatment, improving wear resistance, plating protective layer (such as galvanized, aluminum, etc. And pickling is often used as the process before plating the protective layer. There is also surface heat treatment - quenching (improving surface hardness).

Polishing is to obtain a mirror-like surface. There is a special polishing device. Mechanical polishing is mostly used for small items, while chemical polishing and electrolytic polishing can be larger or have more complex shapes, but they cannot be used for the entire steel pipe. of.

It is useful in metallographic treatment, or the silver bracelets worn by girls are polished, and ordinary steel pipes are rarely polished. Also, consider the issue of pipes, some materials do not need certain processes. For example, stainless steel can only be pickled, but generally, steel must be coated with a protective layer immediately after pickling, otherwise, it will rust.


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