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Reasons for Rust And Pollution of Stainless Steel Pipes

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1. When road construction, construction projects, or various vehicles are walking, they are attached to the scattered earth, sand, dust, iron powder, etc.
2. When it is polluted by harmful substances such as sulfurous acid gas contained in the exhaust gas of cars, buses, etc.
3. It is polluted by dust and harmful components in the exhaust from various industrial and mining waste incineration, building cooling and heating, etc.
4. Polluted by corrosive gas generated in the hot spring area.
5. Contaminated by the salt in the coastal sea breeze.
6. Contaminated by cleaning chemicals. Contaminated by hand marks and dirt.
7. Contaminated by the mucous membrane for surface protection.

Stainless steel pipe products have excellent corrosion resistance and are not easy to rust. As mentioned earlier, they contain chromium. In the air, it combines with oxygen to form a firm surface and forms a dense non-oxidized film. This non-oxidized film can prevent oxidation (rust) on the surface of the steel and can protect the surface to prevent corrosion from various corrosive factors. Therefore, if this kind of film is damaged due to some corrosion, and it is placed where chromium and oxygen cannot be combined, the stainless steel pipe building material will begin to rust.

However, as long as the cause of corrosion is eliminated and chromium can be combined with oxygen, a non-oxidized film will be produced again and its corrosion resistance function will be restored.

Stainless steel tube building material is a metal that is not easy to rust, but it is not a metal that will never rust. Depending on the use conditions or use environment, it will also be polluted and rusted. Don't think that the stainless steel pipe building material does not rust, and neglect the daily maintenance. When pollution and rust are the most serious, you should panic to take the removal measures. This kind of measure is the bottom line.

There are many reasons for the contamination and rusting of stainless steel pipe building materials, but in general, they are caused by the adhesion, accumulation, and the adhesion of the salt contained in the sea breeze due to the components in the floating iron powder or harmful gases in the atmosphere. . These attachments will gradually accumulate and become fixed with moisture. This will destroy the non-oxidized film on the surface of the stainless steel pipe building material and hinder the regeneration of this film, so the stainless steel pipe building material will begin to rust. This kind of rusty initial state can be restored to its original state by simply removing it. Even after long-term storage, as long as proper cleaning is done, the appearance is slightly different from the original condition. It can be seen that the rust of stainless steel pipe building materials is only the surface, not the corrosion of the material itself. This is fundamentally different from the rust of raw steel and aluminum.

Therefore, stainless steel tube building materials sometimes rust, but as long as maintenance is done frequently, the original beauty of stainless steel tube building materials can be maintained forever.


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