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Sectional Geometric Properties of Large Diameter Steel Pipes

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(1) The node connection of large-diameter steel pipes is suitable for direct welding, which does not need to pass through node plates or other connecting parts, which saves labor and materials.

(2) When necessary, concrete can also be poured into large-diameter steel pipes to form composite members.

(3) The geometric characteristics of the large-diameter steel pipe section are good, the pipe wall is generally thin, the section material is distributed around the centroid, the section radius of gyration is large, and it has strong torsional rigidity; as a compression, compression bending, and two-way bending member, its bearing capacity is higher, and the straightness and cross-sectional dimension accuracy of cold-formed pipes are better than those of hot-rolled open cross-sections.

(4) The appearance is more beautiful, especially the pipe truss composed of steel pipe members, without redundant node connections, and has a strong sense of modernity.

(5) In terms of anti-hydrodynamic properties, the cross-section of the circular tube is better, and the effect of wind and water flow is greatly reduced. Rectangular tube sections are similar in this respect to other open sections.

(6) The large-diameter steel pipe is a closed section; when the average thickness and cross-sectional area are the same, its exposed surface area is about 50% to 60% of the open section, which is beneficial to anti-corrosion and can save coating materials.


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