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Spiral steel pipe dredging common problem

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When the spiral steel pipe is blocked, it will not only affect our use but also have a certain corrosion effect on some materials inside the pipe. Therefore, if it is not dredged in time, it will have a very bad effect after a long time.

The first is to wash with water and use the pressure of water to wash away all the clogged substances. This method is very simple, but if there are too many clogs, it will have no effect. The second is to use mechanical flushing, using mechanical devices to generate high-pressure jets Flush the pipeline to loosen the sediment in the upstream pipeline so that the dirt can be washed away. Finally, the magnetic flap level gauge is manually processed, and all the blockages are removed with corresponding tools. Generally speaking, the three methods are used in combination, which will help us clean up and dredge more effectively.


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