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Spiral steel pipe installation and precautions

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1. Construction preparation

(1) Working conditions

The ground of the pipeline trench is completed; the bricklaying of the pipeline well is completed.

(2) Material requirements

Various specifications and models of pipes are complete.

(3) Main machinery and tools

Cutting machine, polishing machine, electric welding machine, electric hammer, etc.

2. Quality requirements

The allowable deviation of the vertical installation of the spiral steel pipe is 3mm per meter, and the allowable deviation above 5m is not more than 8mm. Horizontally installed pipes are allowed a deviation of 1mm per meter.

3. Steel pipeline installation

A. Steel pipeline installation:

The material is cut according to the design and on-site, and then the groove is made with a polishing machine, and the groove angle is 60°~65°. Fix the processed pipe on the bracket, the gap between the two pipes is 1.5mm~2.5mm, and then weld. There should be no bends at the welding joints, and the joints should not be wrong when grouping. The welding positioning is generally 4 spot welding. After inspection and straightening, use the free conversion method for welding as much as possible.

B. Steel pipe support production and installation:

Design according to drawings, carry out pipeline positioning, and prefabricate pipeline supports according to site conditions.


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