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Steel pipe anti-corrosion coating sagging

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There are many reasons for the formation of "sagging" of steel pipe anti-corrosion coatings, so there are also many issues that must be paid attention to. These are the key points that need to be controlled. The following points must be ensured:
1. Anti-corrosion coated steel pipes must ensure a certain running speed and can be adjusted within a certain range.
2. Steel pipes with anti-corrosion coating must be transported at a constant speed.
3. The anti-corrosion coating of the steel pipe adopts an airless heating spraying method. The working pressure of the coating can be adjusted, and the pressure must remain stable. The heating temperature of the paint can be adjusted.
4. The model of the steel pipe anti-corrosion coating nozzle is correctly selected through experiments, including parameters such as flow rate and spray width.
5. The airless automatic spray gun for steel pipe anti-corrosion coating distributes the position of the circular cross-section of the steel pipe evenly, and the angle and distance to the surface of the steel pipe can be adjusted.
6. The anti-corrosion coating on steel pipes must ensure that the center of the spray gun group is consistent with the center of the steel pipe.
7. The exhaust air volume and speed of the steel pipe anti-corrosion coating must match the spraying status.
8. The steel pipe anti-corrosion coating nozzle is in good working condition.

If the above points are carefully adjusted for each specification of steel pipe, excessively thick "sag" can be completely overcome. The problem is to establish a complete coating process management system to ensure the orderly progress of technical adjustments when varieties are changed.


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