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Straight seam steel pipe production temperature and purchase precautions

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Straight seam steel pipe production temperature:

In the process of producing straight seam steel pipes, the temperature must be strictly controlled, to ensure the reliability of welding. If the temperature is too low, it may cause the welding position to fail to reach the temperature required for welding. When most of the metal structure is still solid, it is difficult for the metals at both ends to penetrate and bond together. At that time, when the temperature was too high, a lot of metal in the welding position was in a molten state. The texture of these parts was very soft and fluid, and there might be molten droplets. When such metal drops, the same There is not enough metal for interpenetration. And when welding, there will be some unevenness with the weld to form a molten hole. Therefore, manufacturers of integrated sewage treatment equipment remind them that the temperature must be strictly controlled during the production process of longitudinal welded pipes. Regular manufacturers have very advanced control technology, so in the process of production, the temperature control requirements can be realized to ensure the product, so we need to buy straight seam welded pipes from regular manufacturers.

Precautions for purchasing straight seam steel pipes:

Purchasing this industry should be relatively lucrative, but in fact, it is relatively difficult to do, and they are also burdened with more hardships. Many materials have not been seen before after the project, and they have to study and research. Let’s talk about it directly Several points should be paid attention to when purchasing seam steel pipes.

First, the purchase needs to understand the type of steel pipe:

1. According to the type: straight seam steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, spiral steel pipe, etc.

2. Classification of cross-sectional shapes of straight seam steel pipes: square pipes, rectangular pipes, oval pipes, flat oval pipes, semicircular pipes, etc.

Second, a few points to note:

In the early days of the steel pipe industry, there were many tricks to deceive people, but now people are more proficient in this industry, so those methods can be recognized by our naked eyes.

1. The wall thickness of the steel pipe is not enough to use the gate method. If the mouth end of the steel pipe is shielded with a hammer, it looks thicker, but it will be revealed when measured with an instrument.

2. Use straight seams as seamless steel pipes. The number of straight seams is less than one longitudinal weld seam. Use a machine to polish the steel pipe as a whole, commonly known as polishing. It looks like there is no gap to act as a seamless steel pipe.

3. Now there is another clever method is seamless steel pipe, which is thermal expansion steel pipe. After the expansion, there is a lead powder inside, there are traces of burning on the outside, and the weld seam cannot be seen. Many relatively large steel pipes are sold as seamless steel pipes, seeking large profits.

4. Girth weld straight seam steel pipe uses polishing to represent seamless steel pipe and straight seam steel pipe.


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