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Straight seam steel pipe welding skills

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The straight seam steel pipe is a very common operation in the daily welding of the project. The skills of the steel pipe and the steel pipe welding in the usual operation are becoming more and more important. How to weld the steel pipe and the steel pipe well?

1. Check whether the specifications of the welding wire and flux are correct according to the welding procedure specification, to prevent welding accidents caused by the wrong use of welding wire and flux.

2. Supervise the welding environment. When the welding environment is not good (the temperature is lower than 0°C and the relative humidity is greater than 90%), corresponding measures should be taken before welding.

3. Before pre-welding, check the groove size, including the gap, blunt edge, angle, and misalignment, whether it meets the process requirements.

4. Whether the welding current, welding voltage, welding speed, and other process parameters selected in the automatic submerged arc internal and external welding process are correct.

5. Supervise the welding personnel to make full use of the length of the arc-striking plate at the pipe end of the steel pipe during automatic submerged arc internal and external welding, and enhance the use efficiency of the arc-striking plate during internal and external welding, which helps to improve the pipe end welding.

6. Supervise whether the welding personnel clean up the slag before repairing welding, whether the joint has been processed, and whether there is oil, rust, slag, water, paint, and other dirt on the groove.

After learning so many steel pipe welding skills, I believe that I also have a different understanding of the welding skills of straight seam steel pipes. Of course, the welding of straight seam steel pipes is not only about these welding skills, but we also need to enrich us in future practical operations. Welding skills of straight seam steel pipe.


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