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Technical Requirements for Steel Elbows And Analysis of Factors Affecting The Quality of Steel Elbows

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Steel bent pipes are produced step by step and then made into finished products. During the entire production process, there are requirements for steel pipes to be bent. In addition, the bending of steel pipes requires certain techniques, and the degree of bending is also different. So What are the technical requirements used throughout the production process?

1. Online heat treatment of closed-section welds can offset the welding stress of steel elbows and improve the weld structure. The entire cold-formed steel can be annealed or normalized to offset the stress. The mechanical properties of cold-formed steel include strength and tensile strength. Strength and elongation at break.
2. There must be no bubbles, cracks, scars, wrinkles, inclusions, or delaminations on the surface of steel elbows. Slight pits, bulges, indentations, hairlines, scratches, and pressures not exceeding 10% of the nominal thickness are allowed. After entering the iron scale, surface defects should be cleaned by grinding, but the thickness of the cold-formed steel after cleaning shall not be less than the allowable thickness.

Therefore, the above technology is used in the production of steel bent pipes. With the increase in bending requirements and steel pipe requirements, the technology used in steel pipes will become more and more advanced. During the bending process, the burrs on the steel pipes should be cleaned in time. Quality is an aspect that many people pay attention to. Quality determines post-processing and construction, so quality is really important in the production process. So what are the factors that affect the quality of steel elbows?

1. The accuracy of tire bending is a factor that affects the quality of steel bent pipes. In the manufacturing process of bent tires, in addition to the restrictions on specifications and sizes, the bending process also requires the user to select the corresponding bent tire according to the diameter of the steel bent pipe.
2. For users’ reference when choosing the relationship between pipe diameter and wall thickness. According to the steel pipe processing acceptance standards, it reflects the impact of relative bending radius and relative wall thickness on the quality of steel pipes. During pure bending, under the action of external force, the outer arm wall of the neutral layer The steel pipe becomes thinner due to tensile stress, and compressive stress occurs on the inside, resulting in thickening and effect. The combined force causes the cross-section of the steel pipe to change.
3. The bending function and appearance of corrosion of the steel pipe itself will also affect the quality of the steel elbow. Observe the processing function and surface corrosion.

The quality of steel bent pipes is easily affected by the above factors, especially during the production process. Pay attention to the production and bending of steel pipes. After all, many factors may affect the quality of steel pipes.


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