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The advantages of straight seam steel pipe and the application of steel structure

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Straight seam steel pipe is a welding process of steel pipe opposite to spiral steel pipe. The welding of this kind of steel pipe is relatively common in the market because the process is relatively simple, the welding cost is relatively low, and high efficiency can be achieved during production. And it is a widely used product, so what advantages does it have?

This kind of steel pipe is welded by a welding method parallel to the longitudinal direction of the steel pipe, and it is also widely used. For the same diameter and length, the welding length of straight seam steel pipe is much less, while the welding length of spiral steel pipe may increase by more than 30%. During welding, due to process reasons, the efficiency is relatively low, and the output is also quite low. But the same blank, generally spiral welded pipe can obtain products of various diameters. In contrast, straight seam steel pipes cannot achieve this welding effect.

The reason why straight seam steel pipe is widely used in the market is because of its characteristics. Because the process cost used in welding is relatively low, and the production processes of forged steel, extrusion, rolling, and drawn steel can all be manufactured, and the specifications are also determined, it provides a wide range of applications. possibility.

In my country, the petrochemical industry, water engineering industry, urban construction, electric power engineering, etc. all have demand for straight seam steel pipes.

In 1947, a modern steel pipe structure offshore platform was built by Mexican seamen, which opened the prelude to the application of steel pipe structure. The exposed circular pipe section truss transmits the facade load to the column, and the pipe section is heat injected. Water is used for fire protection, which just makes up for the weak point of poor fire resistance of steel structure buildings. There are many examples of straight seam steel pipes in nature, and people are inspired by the traditional design concepts of steel structures when they are concerned about the structural performance of the round pipe shape under compression, torsion, and bending in multiple directions. The round tube structure and the building-shaped steel tube structure are not only limited to large-space, long-span buildings, gymnasiums, subway stations, and large-scale industrial plants. Traditional reinforced concrete structures, wood structures, and brick structures are difficult to make.

After more than ten years of development, the completion of the Olympic venues represented by the Bird's Nest has established a landmark building for the 2008 Olympic Games. The project is to use low-alloy high-strength steel Q460. It is at 345, and beyond that, it is not recommended to use it. The other is the hall of the Grand Theater. The columns are made of refractory submerged arc welded steel pipes, which can not deform or soften at temperatures above 600 degrees Celsius, and will not be corroded for a long time without any corrosion measures outdoors. In addition, my country has built several large-scale steel pipe structure buildings. As a new type of structure, the steel tube structure has achieved great achievements after more than ten years of development.

The straight seam electric welded steel pipe market has been in a state of weak stability or even falling, and the downturn is hard to change. It is understood that although it is currently in the traditional peak season of steel market consumption, downstream and terminal demand is difficult to release significantly, and the consumption capacity of straight seam electric welded steel pipes is weak, resulting in the lack of favorable supporting factors for prices. With the recent arrival of new resources in the market, the phenomenon of uneven specifications in some areas has eased slightly. Merchants with relatively sufficient supply are still mainly shipping, while those with low inventory mostly choose to wait and see. Fortunately, the current level of liquidity in the straight seam electric welded steel pipe market is not high, and it cannot form greater repression on the price trend. For the straight seam electric welded steel pipe market, how the price develops has to return to the actual demand level. Considering that the recent market transactions are still tepid, I am afraid that there is still a downside risk to the price, but the magnitude will not be very large.


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