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The difference between ERW steel pipe and HFW steel pipe

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ERW steel pipe is also known as straight seam electric resistance welded steel pipe. As the name implies, resistance welding is a method in which pressure is applied through electrodes after the weldment is combined, and the resistance heat generated by the current passing through the contact surface of the joint and the adjacent area is used for welding. High-frequency welding: When high-frequency current passes through a metal conductor, two peculiar effects will be produced: skin effect and proximity effect. High-frequency welding uses these two effects to weld steel pipes. These two effects are to realize metal The basics of high-frequency welding.

HFW steel pipe is also known as high-frequency welded steel pipe. High-frequency welding uses the skin effect to concentrate the energy of high-frequency current on the surface of the workpiece; and uses the proximity effect to control the position and range of the high-frequency current flow route. The speed of the current is very fast, it can heat and melt the edges of adjacent steel plates in a very short time, and realize the butt joint through extrusion. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. In general, the specific choice should be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.