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The Difference between Hot-dip Plastic Steel Pipe And Plastic-coated Steel Pipe

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Hot-dip plastic steel pipe and plastic-coated steel pipe are not hot-dip plastic cable protection steel pipe with excellent corrosion resistance and relatively small friction resistance. The epoxy resin-coated steel pipe is suitable for water supply and drainage, seawater, warm water, oil, gas, and other media transportation. Plastic coated steel pipe is based on steel pipe, and a layer of plastic film is coated on the outer surface of the steel pipe. This layer of plastic film can be coated with liquid plastic or powdered plastic. The best plan for coating with powdered plastic is to disperse the powder evenly on the heated steel pipe wall with a special technique to form a film. The main purpose of the plastic-coated steel pipe is to prevent corrosion, and its pipe fittings must also play a role in preventing corrosion.

The outer layer of high-temperature resistant plastic pipe (polypropylene or polyether, polysulfone type high-temperature resistant plastic), the inner and outer rubber layer, and the middle metal porous thin belt layer. Among them, the metal porous thin belt is connected with the inner tube and the outer tube by glue, and the metal porous belt is tightly wound on the glue layer of the inner high temperature resistant plastic tube. This kind of plastic-coated steel pipe material can be used for high-temperature transportation, liquid, gaseous and corrosive media. For connection installation, a composite pipe fitting is arranged between the two steel-plastic composite pipes. The inner diameter of each pipe fitting is equal to that of the steel-plastic composite pipe. The composite pipe fitting and the steel-plastic composite pipe are connected by threads. The high-temperature stable steel-plastic composite pipe is made from the end of the inner composite pipe with internal threads. The wall thickness is thickened, and there are grooves in the thickened area, and the inner and outer plastic coated steel pipe grooves are equipped with seals. The gasket, which is just topped on the end of the steel-plastic composite pipe, is provided with a plastic maintenance layer on the inner and outer surfaces of the steel-plastic composite pipe and composite pipe fittings and is coated with sealant at the separation between the end of the steel-plastic composite pipe and the sealing gasket.

The hot-dip plastic cable threading protection tube has a good insulation effect and strong resistance to interference. For example, it is used as a cable protection sleeve in high-voltage power operations. Long-term use is not only safe and reliable, and will not cause dangers such as leakage, but also It can effectively shield a variety of external interference signals. The compression resistance of the hot-dip plastic threading pipe is very superior, and the ultra-high-strength can withstand great pressure. The high-quality hot-dip plastic threading pipe is smooth and smooth, whether it is the outer surface of the pipe or the inner pipe wall, which is convenient for the construction personnel to carry out the threading operation. The hot-dip plastic threading pipe has the advantages of all aspects, because the hot-dip plastic threading pipe is covered by a coating, it can adapt to various harsh working environments, such as long-term buried in the ground or acting in a humid environment.

As a new type of material, plastic-coated composite steel pipe has the strength of steel pipes, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and low fluid resistance compared with other metal pipes, plastic pipes, and composite pipes. Green pipelines that are safe and sanitary, strong rigidity, and good bonding strength have been widely used in subway water supply and drainage systems and air conditioning water systems in recent years. The water supply system, circulating water system, and pressure drainage system of Hangzhou Metro Line 1 Project A are all made of plastic-coated composite steel pipes. Because of the large linear expansion coefficient of plastic pipes, some soft plastic pipes are not suitable for bending due to thermal expansion and contraction. It is exposed indoors, which affects the appearance; its temperature and pressure resistance gradually decreases with the increase of the temperature of the conveyed medium, and the increase of the service life. * In recent years, a plastic-coated composite steel pipe has appeared on the market, which inherits the advantages of steel pipes and plastic pipes, and at the same time abandons their shortcomings.

The similarities and properties are the same. Both the plastic coating and the plastic lining belong to the steel pipe composite pipe. The process principle is to combine the plastic and the steel pipe to form a composite pipe body. It has the common advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe. Compression, bending, and seismic performance are the same. The base pipes used in these two pipes are seamless steel pipes, straight seam steel pipes, or spiral steel pipes, so they both have all the advantages of steel pipes, and their wear resistance is superior to steel pipes. The surface is smooth and the fluid resistance is small. Because the surfaces of the two pipes are made of plastic materials, the inner and outer surfaces of the pipe are smooth, free of microorganisms, no scaling, and low fluid resistance. Its working efficiency is 1.5 times that of similar pipes. At present, there are usually two methods of sealing flange coated pipes: one is the method of potting with asphalt or epoxy resin. This method is complicated in process, difficult to control, and not conducive to maintenance; the other new method is also At present, the method of domestic and foreign professional manufacturers is to use a highly elastic sealant, which has simple process, reliable performance, and convenient maintenance and installation. These unique advantages also make it the mainstream of use. Using this new method, plastic-lined steel pipes must first consider the performance of the sealant. Sealing of plastic-lined steel pipes Since most of the cable heads are installed in outdoor overhead, direct-buried and other environments, waterproof and moisture-proof are some of the keys to ensure the safe operation of cable heads, and its sealing performance and methods must also be considered.


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