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The difference between hot simmering steel bending pipe and cold simmering steel bending pipe

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The process is as follows: After the straight pipe is cut, the induction coil is put on the part of the steel pipe to be bent by the bending machine, the pipe head is clamped by the mechanical arm, and the intermediate frequency current is passed through the induction coil to heat the steel pipe. When the temperature of the steel pipe is. When is raised to the plastic state, the rear end of the steel pipe is propelled by mechanical thrust for bending, and the part of the bent steel pipe is rapidly cooled with a coolant. In this way, while heating, pushing, bending, and cooling, the steel is continuously The elbow is bent out. Hot-simmered steel bends are mainly used in arc-shaped steel structures, tunnel supports, curved beams, subway projects, aluminum doors and windows, ceilings, cylindrical inner frames, balcony handrails, shower room doors, production line tracks, fitness equipment, etc.

Cold-simmered steel bending pipe is a method of bending processing at room temperature without heating or changing the material structure, which is called cold-simmered steel bending pipe. To prevent the pipe from collapsing or deforming during the bending process, some auxiliary materials or equipment, such as springs, are often filled in the pipe. Cold-simmered steel bends are generally used for small-diameter pipes, but large-diameter pipes cannot be cold-formed! The cold-simmered steel bending pipe is bent with a complete set of bending dies, and is mainly used for oil, gas, liquid, etc.!

The material of the elbow is cast iron, stainless steel, alloy steel, malleable cast iron, carbon steel, non-ferrous metal, and plastic.


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