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The difference between seamless-style steel pipe and seamless steel pipe

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Seamless-style steel pipes are hot rolled, while seamless steel pipes are cold drawn.

The production process of seamless style steel pipe: the seamless style of steel pipe is mainly completed by tension reduction. The tension reduction process is a continuous rolling process of hollow base material without a mandrel. On the premise of ensuring the welding quality of the parent pipe, the welding pipe tension-reducing process is to heat the welded pipe as a whole to above 950 degrees Celsius, and then roll it into various outer diameters and walls For thick finished pipes, the hot-rolled steel pipes produced by this process are essentially different from ordinary high-frequency welded pipes. After being heated by a heating furnace, the metallographic structure and mechanical properties of the weld seam and the parent body can be completely consistent. In addition, through multiple passes, The first-time tension reducer rolling and automatic control make the dimensional accuracy of the steel pipe (especially the roundness and wall thickness accuracy of the pipe body) superior to similar seamless pipes. The fluid pipes and boiler pipes produced by developed countries in the world have adopted a large number of seamless-style welded pipes. With the development of society, domestic hot-rolled welded pipes have gradually replaced seamless pipes.

The difference between seamless style steel pipe and seamless steel pipe can be seen from several aspects:
The first welded pipes are generally cut to length and are usually 6 meters, 9 meters, or 12 meters. There are very few fixed-length seamless steel pipes because there is a lot of price increase for fixed-length ex-factory.
Second, you can look at the cross-section of the pipe head. If there is rust, wipe it clean. If you look carefully, you will find the welding area.
Third, it's most noticeable if it's just a pickling.


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