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The Importance of Adding Anti-corrosion Coating To Plastic-coated Steel Pipes

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It is worth mentioning that when we choose pipes, we must understand how the quotation of water pipes is calculated. Assuming the total cost of a kitchen and a bathroom, the quotation of accessories is required. However, once the anti-corrosion coating is damaged, the exposed iron part will accelerate the corrosion of the part. The use of plastic materials gives this pipe excellent performance, including the strength and stiffness of steel pipes and the chemical corrosion resistance of plastic pipes. With the rapid development of China's construction industry, its market promotion and application have also ushered in a new era. The expansion hub.

Generally, when decorating and laying water pipes, accessories will account for two-thirds of the total price, while the plastic-coated steel pipe itself will account for three-thirds of the total price. China's steel-plastic composite pipes have not been developed for a long time, and there is still a large gap compared with foreign countries in terms of raw materials, technology, manufacturing equipment, and other aspects. For example, coating on the outer wall of the pipeline can increase the loop resistance and reduce the corrosion current; adding a DC power supply can make the steel pipe have a negative potential against the soil and form cathodic protection, which can eliminate the potential difference between the cathode and the anode and fundamentally interrupt the cathode and anode process.

To improve the competitive advantage of the internal and external plastic-coated steel pipe industry, plastic-coated pipes must improve the product quality level of steel-plastic composite pipes. In the past few years, the Steel-Plastic Pipe Industry Federation has actively promoted and conscientiously implemented the industry standards of products in the industry, and has taken the lead in launching certification work for the use of industry product labels, which has continuously improved the quality level of steel-plastic composite pipe products. Disadvantage: When used as a hot water pipe, long-term thermal expansion and contraction may cause misalignment of the ferrule connection, resulting in leakage. Know the quotation and market situation. Generally speaking, the quotation for using plastic-coated steel pipes inside and outside the water for one kitchen and one bathroom should be affordable to most families. Therefore, the separation of anti-corrosion coating and cathodic protection is an economical and effective method to treat both symptoms and root causes. How to choose aluminum-plastic composite pipes and plastic-coated steel pipes has become a headache for consumers.

The internal and external plastic-coated steel pipe is a new type of pipe that has been developed in recent years. It uses a steel pipe as the base and is composited by coating the steel pipe with various plastics. Through the large market and channels of the Internet, the industry has promoted the determination of suitable materials for steel-plastic composites. There are many types of water pipes on the market. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of water pipes made of different materials: Aluminum-plastic composite pipes Advantages: Aluminum-plastic composite pipes It is a kind of pipe that was once more popular. It is light, durable, and easy to construct. There are many types of aluminum-plastic composite pipes sold on the market, and the quality and price vary greatly. This may be beyond the imagination of many owners, so many businesses like to make a fuss about the quotation of water pipes when promoting.


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