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The reasons for the rust and corrosion of the spiral steel pipe

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Because the spiral steel pipes are stacked outdoors, and most of them are buried in the ground when in use, they are easy to corrode and rust. To ensure the smooth flow of the pipes, the spiral steel pipe manufacturers are required to have strong corrosion resistance. . Once the pipeline is corroded, it will cause oil and gas leakage, which not only interrupts the transportation, but also pollutes the environment, and may even cause fire and cause harm. Factors causing rust and corrosion of spiral steel pipe:

1. The first is the influence of external conditions. It is mainly to look at the characteristics and temperature of the medium around the pipeline, and whether the medium around the pipeline is corrosive. Because the corrosiveness of the medium is closely related to the microorganisms contained in the soil. And if it is a long-distance pipeline, the soil's environmental properties are more complicated. In addition, the temperature of the environment where the pipeline is located will also affect the corrosion of the spiral steel pipe.

2, is the corrosion failure. When the pipeline is erected, anti-corrosion work should be done or the anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe should be used directly. The reason why the pipeline is corroded is that the anti-corrosion layer of the pipeline is damaged. Once the anti-corrosion layer and the surface of the pipeline are separated, it will naturally cause anti-corrosion failure. This is also the ladder-type. We should choose anti-corrosion spiral steel pipe manufacturers when purchasing spiral steel pipe manufacturers.