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Thick-walled Seamless Steel Pipes Are Water-quenched And Tempered

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Water quenching and tempering are commonly used processes in metal heat treatment, and the treatment of thick-walled seamless steel pipes is no exception. Water quenching treatment is to heat the steel pipe to a high temperature and then quickly cool it to obtain high hardness and high strength. Tempering treatment is to reheat the quenched steel pipe to a certain temperature and keep it warm for a period to eliminate internal stress and improve toughness.

Before water quenching and tempering treatment, thick-walled seamless steel pipes need to be fully prepared and pre-treated. First of all, make sure the surface of the steel pipe is clean and tidy, and remove oil, rust, and other impurities. Secondly, dimensional inspection is required to ensure that the length, diameter, and other parameters of the steel pipe meet the requirements. In addition, quality inspections are required to ensure that the steel pipes are free of cracks, pores, and other defects.

During water quenching, the steel pipe needs to be heated to a high temperature and cooled quickly. During this process, the atomic arrangement inside the steel pipe will change, forming a tighter structure, thereby improving hardness and strength. Specifically, the process parameters of water quenching treatment need to be adjusted according to the material, thickness, and requirements of the steel pipe to achieve the best treatment effect.

Tempering treatment is the only way after water quenching treatment. Through tempering treatment, the residual stress inside the steel pipe can be eliminated and its toughness and ductility can be improved. The temperature and time of the tempering treatment also need to be adjusted according to the specific situation to ensure the best treatment effect.

Thick-walled seamless steel pipes after water quenching and tempering treatment have better mechanical properties and corrosion resistance and are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, construction, and other fields. For example, in the petroleum field, thick-walled seamless steel pipes can be used to manufacture oil pipes, casings, etc.; in the construction field, they can be used to support structures, bridges, high-rise buildings, etc.

In short, water quenching and tempering treatment are important processes to improve the performance of thick-walled seamless steel pipes. After reasonable process parameter adjustment and processing.


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