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Three Large Diameter Spiral Steel Pipes Connection Methods

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The most commonly used connection method for large-diameter spiral steel pipes is welding, but in some projects, threaded connections, flange connections, socket connections, groove connections, etc. are also often used.

Welding and flange connection:
Welding and flange connections are traditional spiral steel pipe connection methods, which are far from meeting market demand in terms of safety, sealing performance, cost space, and emergency repair efficiency.
The scope of application of welding and flange connection: water pipeline connection, oil and natural gas pipeline connection, chemical pipeline connection, electric power pipeline connection.

Grooved fitting connections:
Grooved pipe fitting connection technology, also called clamp connection technology, has become the preferred technology for connecting liquid and gas pipelines. Although this technology was developed later in China than abroad, due to its advanced technology, it was quickly adopted domestically. accepted by the market. The application of grooved pipe fittings connection technology makes the complex pipe connection process simple, fast, and convenient. The pipe connection technology has taken a big step forward.

Grooved connection fittings include two broad categories of products:
①Pipe fittings that serve as connection seals include rigid joints, flexible joints, mechanical tees, and grooved flanges;
②Pipe fittings that serve as connection transitions include elbows, tees, crosses, reducers, blind plates, spiral welded pipes, etc. The groove connection pipe fittings that function as connection seals mainly consist of three parts: sealing rubber rings, clamps, and locking bolts. The inner rubber sealing ring is placed on the outside of the connected pipe and matches the pre-rolled groove. Then buckle the clamp on the outside of the rubber ring and tighten it with two bolts. Due to the unique sealable structural design of its rubber sealing ring and clamp, the groove connection has good sealing performance, and as the fluid pressure in the pipe increases, its sealing performance increases accordingly.

The groove connection makes the pipeline connection operation simple, which is beneficial to construction safety, has good system stability, is convenient for maintenance, saves labor and time, and therefore has good economic benefits. Using a clamp connection, although the price of a single clamp accessory is higher, the overall benefit of the entire pipe network installation is higher than that of a flange connection.

Scope of application of grooved pipe fittings connection: liquid and gas pipeline connection

Clamp pipe fitting connection:
As an advanced pipe connection method, clamp pipe fitting connection can be installed either openly or buried and has both steel joints and flexible joints. Therefore it has a wide range of applicability.

According to the system: it can be used in fire water systems, air conditioning hot and cold water systems, water supply systems, petrochemical pipeline systems, thermoelectric and military pipeline systems, sewage treatment pipeline systems, etc.

According to the pipe material: it can be used to connect steel pipes, steel pipes, stainless steel, plastic-lined steel pipes, ductile iron pipes, thick-walled plastic pipes, and soft and valve parts with steel pipe joints and flange joints.

Scope of application of clamp pipe fittings connection: water pipeline connection, oil and natural gas pipeline connection, chemical pipeline connection, thermoelectric and military pipeline connection


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