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Tips for welding straight seam steel pipes

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Tips for welding straight seam steel pipes

Welding, also known as fusion, is a manufacturing process and technology that connects metals or other thermoplastic composite materials (such as plastics) through heating, high temperature, or high pressure. There are three welding methods:

1. Fusion welding. The workpiece is heated to form a molten pool. After cooling and solidification, the molten pool can be connected, and filling materials can be added if necessary. Suitable for pressureless welding of various metals and alloys in the enterprise.

2. Pressure welding. Pressure must be applied to the welded parts during the welding process, which belongs to the processing of various metal materials and certain metal materials.

3. Brazing. Metal structural materials with a melting point lower than the base material can be used as solder, and the base material is wetted with liquid solder to fill the joint gap and diffuse the base material to realize the welding of the connecting weldment. Suitable for welding and welding of various active materials in enterprises. Different and metal or inhomogeneities lead to material welding.

For these three known welding methods, we can adjust the welding method of welded steel pipe according to the requirements of the project or the situation of the project environment.


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