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Types And Functions of Steel Line Pipes

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Types of steel line pipes
Common steel pipeline pipes are mainly divided into two types: welded pipes and seamless pipes. Welded pipes are steel pipeline pipes connected by electrofusion welding. Generally speaking, they are longer and can meet the needs of large-scale use by users, but they are stable. However, the length of seamless pipes is generally relatively short and cannot meet the long-distance use of consumers. Consumers need to use the two together during use. In addition to this main classification, steel line pipes can be divided into three grades according to their grades, namely low temperature resistance, medium temperature resistance, and high temperature resistance. The grades here are based on the high temperature resistance of steel pipeline pipes. According to the classification, the higher the grade, the better the performance of the steel line pipe, the safer it is to use, and the better it can meet the user's needs. In addition, there are many types of steel line pipes, which can meet the different levels of consumer needs. If consumers need it, they need to determine in advance which specification of product they should choose to meet their own needs.

Functions of steel line pipes
Steel line pipes have the advantages of high temperature resistance and reduced losses, and the pipes are generally very strong and durable. Because steel line pipes have such powerful advantages, they are widely used in petroleum transportation, various gases, and liquefied gas transportation. In addition to being used in the chemical industry and petroleum industry, steel pipeline pipes are also widely used in heating transmission and water supply systems in large factories. In urban construction, steel line pipes are also used as transportation carriers for gas and natural gas, providing cities with clean, environmentally friendly, efficient, and energy-saving new energy.


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