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Understand the 1.5-inch steel pipe relationship between steel pipe size and weight

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Steel pipe, as a common metal material, is widely used in construction, engineering, manufacturing, and other fields. For the weight of steel pipe, it is closely related to its size.

1. Definition of 1.5-inch steel pipe
In the size identification of steel pipe, inches are usually used as the unit. 1.5-inch steel pipe refers to a steel pipe with an outer diameter of 1.5 inches. It should be noted that the size here refers to the outer diameter of the steel pipe, not the wall thickness or inner diameter.

2. Calculation formula for steel pipe weight
The weight calculation of steel pipe can be estimated by the following formula: Weight (kg/m) = 0.02466 × (outer diameter (mm) - wall thickness (mm)) × wall thickness (mm). Among them, 0.02466 is a constant used to convert the calculation result into kilograms.

3. Example of weight calculation of 1.5-inch steel pipe
A specific example is used to illustrate how to calculate the weight of a 1.5-inch steel pipe. Assuming that the outer diameter of the steel pipe is 38.1 mm and the wall thickness is 2.5 mm, substituting into the above formula, we can get: Weight (kg/m) = 0.02466 × (38.1 - 2.5) × 2.5 ≈ 2.21 kg/m

4. Selection and weight of steel pipe materials
The weight of the steel pipe is closely related to the selected material. The different densities of different materials will directly affect the weight of the steel pipe. Common steel pipe materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, etc. Carbon steel is a material with low price and good mechanical properties, while stainless steel has good corrosion resistance. In practical applications, it is important to choose the right steel pipe material according to specific needs and environmental conditions.

5. Application fields of steel pipes
As an important building material, steel pipes are widely used in various fields. For example, drainage pipes and structural supports commonly used in the construction field require steel pipes. In the engineering field, steel pipes are widely used to transport liquids, gases, and solid particles. In addition, steel pipes can also be used to manufacture furniture, auto parts, etc.

6. Specifications and standards of steel pipes
The specifications and standards of steel pipes are important bases for ensuring their quality and safety. Different countries and regions may have different steel pipe standards. Common standards include ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials Standards), DIN (German Industrial Standards), etc. When selecting and applying steel pipes, the corresponding standards should be followed according to specific requirements.


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