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What are the advantages of using hot-dipped plastic steel pipes

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Compared with plastic pipes and composite pipes, the quality of hot-dipped plastic steel pipes combines the advantages of various pipes: it has the strength of steel pipes, and the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and small fluid resistance of plastic pipes. It is a green pipeline with high safety and sanitation strength and good bonding strength. Hot-dipped plastic steel pipes have long been used in: water supply and drainage of high-rise buildings, fire sprinklers, HVAC, internal and external anti-corrosion of cables, natural gas, heat-resistant anti-corrosion of hot and cold circulating water pipes, seawater circulation systems, industrial systems, circulating water systems, deionized purification Water system, wear-resistant anti-corrosion system, anti-scaling anti-bacterial anti-corrosion system, internal and external anti-corrosion system, cable sheath, fire sprinkler system. Plastic-coated steel pipes and other metal pipes are suitable for -30℃~120℃ workplaces, thermal insulation, anti-corrosion systems, chemical heavy-duty anti-corrosion systems, and other hot-dip plastic steel pipes. It is a new type of green environmental protection pipeline developed by introducing foreign advanced technology and technology. It complies with CJ/T120-2008 standard, and the hygienic index complies with "Safety Evaluation Standards for Drinking Water Transmission and Distribution Equipment and Protective Materials".

Hot-dipped plastic steel pipes use steel pipes as the base pipe, and the outer wall is coated with heavy-duty anti-corrosion, flame-retardant, weather-resistant, and other special modified powder coatings, and the inner wall is coated with modified anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, and flame-retardant types. powder coating. N-HAP power threading pipe and cable protection pipe adopt sandblasting chemical double pre-treatment, preheating, internal coating, external coating, curing, and post-treatment process. The special steel pipe made is used in mining, oil field, steel, thermoelectricity, cement, And other special industries.

Excellent performance. Compared with galvanized pipe, it has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, no rust, no fouling, smooth and smooth, clean and non-toxic, and long service life. According to tests, the service life of hot-dip plastic steel pipes is more than three times that of galvanized pipes. Compared with plastic pipes, hot-dip plastic pipes have the characteristics of high mechanical strength, pressure resistance, and good heat resistance. Since the substrate is a steel pipe, there is no embrittlement or aging problem in the hot-dipped plastic steel pipe. It can be widely used in water and gas. We have long been adhering to the customer first, chemical products, and other fluid transportation and heating projects. Superior efficiency and high service tenet. Through powder fusion spraying technology, polyethylene plastic is coated on the inner and outer walls, and the straight seam welded steel pipe for cable threading is used as the substrate, which is an upgraded product of galvanized pipe. Due to the installation and use the introduction of hot-dipped plastic steel pipes, it is somewhat similar to traditional galvanized pipes, and the pipe fittings are also in the same form, and can replace aluminum-plastic composite pipes and play a role in large-diameter frozen water transportation. It is very popular among users. Plastic steel pipe has become a new product of pipeline technology content.


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