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What are the cutting methods of thick-walled spiral steel pipe

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There are three cutting methods for thick-walled spiral steel pipe: 1. Mechanical cutting, 2. Oxygen acetylene flame cutting, 3. Ion cutting.

1. Mechanical cutting adopts two types of external installation and internal installation. It adopts the principle of turning tool processing to cut and groove the nozzle. The single machine has a large span, a large thickness that can be processed, less waste, no pollution, and no high temperature during the processing. It does not affect the material of the pipe and is conducive to welding. Water cutting processes pipes through the joint action of high-pressure pumps and corundum. The incision is clean and the processing span is large, but its efficiency is low and the processing thickness is severely limited.

2. Oxygen acetylene flame cutting, by adjusting the oxygen valve and acetylene valve, the mixing ratio of oxygen and acetylene can be changed to obtain three different flames: neutral flame, oxidizing flame, and carbonizing flame.

3. Ion cutting, plasma cutting with different working gases can cut all kinds of metals that are difficult to cut by oxygen cutting, especially for non-ferrous metals (stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel) cutting effect is better; its main advantage lies in the cutting thickness For small metals, the plasma cutting speed is fast, especially when cutting ordinary carbon steel sheets, the speed can reach 5-6 times that of the oxygen cutting method, the cutting surface is smooth, the thermal deformation is small, and the heat-affected zone is less.


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