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What are the detection methods of oil casing

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1. Ultrasonic detection. When the ultrasonic wave is dispersed in the tested raw material, the acoustic characteristics of the raw material and the transformation of the internal structure will positively impact the ultrasonic wave propagation. By detecting the affected level and situation of the ultrasonic wave, we can understand the transformation of the function and structure of the raw material.

2. X-ray inspection is to use the difference in the amount of radiation transmitted through standard parts and defects to form the resolution of blackness on the negative.

3. Penetration detection is to use the capillary action of the liquid to penetrate the permeate into the defect of the surface of the solid raw material, and then suck the permeate out to the surface through the imaging agent to show the existence of the defect. Penetration testing is suitable for various metal and ceramic workpieces, and the time from penetration operation to defect appearance is relatively short, usually about half an hour. It can detect surface fatigue, stress corrosion, and welding cracks, and can directly measure the size of the cracks.

4. Magnetic particle detection uses magnetic leakage at the defect to absorb magnetic particles to form magnetic marks to provide defect manifestations. It can detect surface and sub-surface defects. The nature of defects is easy to distinguish. Paint and electroplating surfaces will not affect the detection vividness.


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