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What are the functions of the structural composition of 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipes

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3pe anti-corrosion steel pipeline is a relatively advanced anti-corrosion technology in recent years. Its full name is Molten Epoxy/Extruded Polyethylene Structural Protective Layer. The 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipe structure consists of the following three layers: the bottom layer is molten epoxy resin; the middle layer is adhesive; the finish is extruded polyethylene.

In the three-layer structure, the main function of the epoxy primer is: to form a continuous coating film, which is directly bonded to the surface of the steel pipe, with good chemical resistance and anti-cathodic dis-bonding performance; it reacts with the active groups of the interlayer glue to form The chemical bond ensures that the overall anti-corrosion layer has good adhesion at higher temperatures. The middle layer is usually a copolymer adhesive with polyolefin as the main component, and vinyl copolymer adhesive is widely used at present. The polar functional groups of the copolymer adhesive react with the epoxy groups of the epoxy primer to form hydrogen bonds or chemical bonds so that the middle layer and the bottom layer form a good bond; the non-polar vinyl part has a good affinity with the surface layer polyethylene, so the middle layer and the surface layer also have good adhesion properties. The main function of the polyethylene surface layer is to play the role of mechanical protection and anti-corrosion, which is the same as the traditional two-layer structure polyethylene anti-corrosion layer.

I believe that after understanding so many details of 3PE anti-corrosion steel pipes, there will be different solutions when choosing steel pipes in subsequent projects.


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