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What Are The Similarities And Differences between Long-radius Steel Elbows And Short-radius Steel Elbows

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Speaking of steel elbows, we all know that it is a pipe fitting used to change the direction of pipes in a piping system. There are many ways to classify steel elbows, which can be divided into angles: 45°, 90° and 180°. These three are more commonly used. According to engineering needs, they also include other abnormal angle steel elbows, such as 60°, etc.; according to the material of the elbow, it is divided into stainless steel elbow, carbon steel elbow, etc.; according to the production method, it can be divided into pressed elbow, forged elbow, etc. Made elbow, pushed elbow, cast elbow, etc. However, I don’t know if you have discovered: that the radius of the steel elbow is divided into long and short. Therefore, steel elbows are also divided into long-radius steel elbows and short-radius steel elbows according to their radius. What is the difference between a long-radius steel elbow and a short-radius steel elbow?

The long-radius steel elbow is a relatively short radius. Because there is a short radius, it is called a long radius. Long radius steel elbow is one of the more commonly used elbow fittings to connect to pipes or pipes, often referred to as 1.5D steel elbow. Short-radius steel elbows are naturally shorter than long-radius steel elbows. They are often called 1D steel elbows. There are fewer short-radius steel elbows compared to long-radius steel elbows. There are also situations where long-radius steel elbows are used and no space is allowed, such as in shipbuilding conditions.

Similarities and differences between long-radius steel elbows and short-radius steel elbows:
Long-radius steel elbows and short-radius steel elbows have many similarities, for example, they connect to pipes. Their function is to change the direction of the pipe; their diameter, angle, material, wall thickness, etc. can remain consistent, and so on.

The difference between long-radius steel elbow and short-radius steel elbow:
(1) Judging from the length of the steel elbow, it is obvious that the long-radius steel elbow is longer than the short-radius steel elbow, and is 0.5DN longer.
(2) From a performance perspective, the wear degree of long-radius steel elbows is less than that of short-radius steel elbows, the corrosion force is also greatly reduced, and the resistance is also smaller, which is significantly better than short-radius steel elbows.
(3) From the perspective of the scope of use of steel elbows, generally speaking, long-radius steel elbows (R = 1.5DN) should be; short-radius steel elbows (R = 1.0DN) are usually used for size-restricted occasions. The working pressure should not exceed 0.8 times that of long-radius steel elbows of the same specification.

Try not to choose short-radius steel elbows where long-radius steel elbows can be used. When long-radius steel elbows really cannot be used, use short-radius steel elbows. In short, when choosing steel When making elbows, we need to make decisions based on the actual working conditions of the pipe or pipeline.


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