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What Should We Pay Attention To When Welding Galvanized Steel Pipes

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When welding galvanized steel pipes, you should pay attention to:
1. Galvanized steel pipes with a pipe diameter greater than 100mm should be connected using flange or ferrule-type special pipe fittings.
2. To ensure the welding quality of the welding joint between galvanized steel pipe and flange, the welding joint should be galvanized. Use a hand-grinding wheel or sandpaper to clean the galvanized layer, or use a gas welding flame to remove the galvanized layer.
3. The welding joint between the galvanized steel pipe and flange should be galvanized twice.

Measures to ensure welding quality include:

1. Human factors are the focus of control during gas galvanized steel pipe welding. Due to the lack of necessary post-weld control methods, it is easy to cut corners and affect quality; at the same time, the special welding characteristics of galvanized steel pipes make it difficult to ensure welding quality. Therefore, before the start of the project, welders who are skilled in technology and hold corresponding boiler and pressure vessel or equivalent welder certificates should be selected, undergo necessary technical training and briefings, and conduct on-site welder assessment and approval according to the boiler and pressure vessel welder examination rules. Permit to enter the site for welding. It is not allowed to be replaced at will to ensure that the welders welding the pipeline are relatively stable.
2. Control of welding materials: Ensure that the welding materials purchased are from regular channels, have quality guarantees, and certificates, and meet process requirements; the acceptance and delivery procedures of welding materials must be formal and complete, and the recycling of welding rod heads must be strictly controlled to ensure the flow direction. , Dosage; welding materials must be baked strictly according to the process, and no more than half a day's usage should be distributed at a time.
3. Welding machine; a welding machine is a welding machine and must ensure reliable performance and meet process requirements; the welding machine must have qualified current and voltmeters to ensure the correct implementation of the welding process. The welding cable cannot be too long. If it is longer, the welding parameters must be adjusted.
4. Welding process methods: Ensure the strict implementation of special operating methods for galvanized steel pipes, conduct pre-welding groove inspection according to the welding process, control welding process parameters and operating methods, inspect post-weld appearance quality, and add post-weld non-destructive testing if necessary. Control the welding level and the amount of welding materials used in each pass.
5. Welding environment control: Ensure that the temperature, humidity, and wind speed during welding meet process requirements. Welding is not allowed without conditions.


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