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Why are steel pipes for industrial boilers seamless steel pipes

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For the selection of steel pipes for industrial boilers, seamless steel pipes are generally the mainstay. In this way, many people will feel confused. Why is seamless steel pipe the main pipe for industrial boilers? Next, let's see why

The pipes used in industrial boilers are mainly seamless steel pipes because the performance indicators of seamless steel pipes can fully meet the boiler application requirements. Although the cost is high, its safety and reliability are high. Welded steel pipes are generally used as low-pressure fluid delivery pipes within 2Mpa, and seamless steel pipes must be used for high-temperature and high-pressure equipment such as industrial boilers, and the thickness of the pipe wall is correspondingly thickened.

Now there are also welded steel pipes used in medium and low-pressure boilers, thanks to the rapid improvement of welding technology. For example, the joint microstructure of the butt-joint friction-welded steel pipe has no abnormality, and after the butt joint and fillet joint remelting of the pipe, it is difficult to observe the traces of the joint with the naked eye, and the microstructure of its part has been consistent with the same as the clump seam.