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Why Does Quenched Steel Need To Be Tempered

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The main reasons for tempering quenched steel are as follows:

1. Eliminate internal stress: During the quenching process, large internal stress will be generated inside the steel parts. If not handled in time, internal stress will cause further deformation or even cracking of the workpiece. Tempering can effectively eliminate these internal stresses and improve the service life and stability of the workpiece.

2. Improve the organizational structure: The structure of the quenched steel parts is in a metastable state and is prone to changes in structure and size. The tempering process can improve the flaky martensite in the quenched structure and make it more stable, thus improving the service life and performance of the I piece.

3. Adjust mechanical properties: Although the hardness and wear resistance of quenched steel parts are improved, the plasticity and toughness are significantly reduced. Tempering treatment can enable steel parts to obtain better comprehensive mechanical properties, that is, while maintaining high strength and hardness, it can improve the toughness and plasticity of steel parts, making it better able to meet actual use requirements.

4. Reduce brittleness: The flake martensite in the quenched structure is hard and brittle, which can easily cause a brittle fracture of the workpiece during use. Tempering treatment can refine the martensite grains and reduce their brittleness, thus improving the service life and performance of the I parts.

To sum up, the purpose of tempering quenched steel is to eliminate internal stress, improve the organizational structure, adjust mechanical properties, and reduce brittleness, thereby improving the service life and performance of the workpiece.


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