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ASTM A500 Tube

1. Type: ASTM A500 Square tubing,ASTM A500 Rectangle Tubing
2. Application: structural supports, building columns, highway signs, oil field services······
3. Size: 2" x 2" to 12" x 12" WT: 120", 180", 188", 250", 313", 375", 500"
4. Standard & Grade: ASTM A500 Grade A, Grade B , Grade C, Grade D

What is the ASTM A500 pipe?

Superior construction projects require materials that can withstand numerous environments and a variety of extreme conditions. High strength A 500 carbon steel structural tubing from Totten Tubes provides the high-end framework and skeletal support for projects of all sizes. Such as carbon steel round tubing, carbon steel square tubing, carbon steel rectangular tubing. And “special” carbon steel shapes for welded, riveted, or bolted construction applications, as well as for general structural purposes.

Chemical Analysis of ASTM A500 Pipe

StandardChemical CompositionMechanical Properties
CSiMnPSYield StrengthTensile StrengthElongation min
Grade A0.26--0.0350.03523031025
Grade B0.26--0.0350.03529040023
Grade C0.23-1.350.0350.03531542521
Grade D0.23-1.350.0350.03525040023

ASTM A500 specification covers welded and seamless carbon steel tubing in round, square, rectangular, and “special” shapes for construction and structural purposes.BESTAR supply and stock square, rectangle, round and special shaped electric resistance welded (ERW) carbon steel tubing to meet ASTM A500 Grade A, Grade B and Grade C used for structural applications.

Product size of ASTM A500 tube

Square & Rectangular tube

Below are physical properties required to meet the three grades that we produce ASTM A500 square, rectangle and special shaped tubing to. A flattening test is not a standard requirement for non-round tubing produced to A500.

GradeYield (min)Tensile (min)Elongation (min)
Grade A39,000 psi45,000 psiDetermined by wall
Grade B46,000 psi58,000 psiDetermined by wall
Grade C50,000 psi62,000 psiDetermined by wall

 Round tube

Below are physical properties required to meet the three grades that we produce ASTM A500 round tubing to.  A flattening test is also a standard requirement for round tubing produced to the A500 specification.

GradeYield(min)Tensile (min)Elongation (min)
Grade A33,000 psi45,000 psiDetermined by wall
Grade B42,000 psi58,000 psiDetermined by wall
Grade C46,000 psi62,000 psiDetermined by wall


● According to ASTM A500, the weld seam location for square, rectangle and other specially shaped tubing shall not be located within the corner radius, unless specified by the customer or manufacturer.

● Under ASTM A500, the corner radius for square and rectangular tubing shall not exceed three times the corner radius.

● As a standard under ASTM A500, electric resistance welded tubing is normally provided without removal of inside flash. If flash control is required, please specify at time of quotation or order placement.

● ASTM A847 is a related structural specification that covers high-strength low alloy atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel tubing. Please refer to the ASTM A847 page for more information.

● For more detailed information on the A500 specification and to purchase a copy of it, please visit the ASTM website.

Tolerance of ASTM A500 pipe

Grade Yield (min)Tensile (min)Elongation (min)
Grade A39,000 psi45,000 psi Determined by wall
Grade B46,000 psi58,000 psi Determined by wall
Grade C50,000 psi62,000 psi Determined by wall

Product application of ASTM A500 pipe

  1.  Structural supports

  2.  Building columns

  3.  Highway signs

  4.  Oil field services

  5.  Communication towers

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